Tuesday, 7 June 2011


I'm off to the hairdressers shortly for a couple of hours pampering but I thought that I read a bit more of NMBK before I went. While I was reading chapter 3 I had a ? moment followed by an aaarrrgghhh one when i realised that T's dad has a different name from the one he has later on. I thought that I'd changed all of them when I decided change his name (after about 10k words) but clearly not. Of well, changed now so all's right with the world again.
So shopping and hairdressers here I come. This is the first of two days together that I've managed to wrangle off from the day job in the world of charity retail and I aim to enjoy them.


Jarmara Falconer said...

Great to know you found out now rather than after you had sent it off into the big, bad world of publishing.

Have a restful day and catch up again with you soon

Flowerpot said...

Enjoy your days off Colette. And well done for spotting the name change - I'm sure we've all done that!

Colette McCormick said...

Jarmara - the first draft isn't finished yet so hopefully all of the errors will be picked up before it reached the sending off stage
FP - Thank you I will and yes I'm sure we have. Its good to know that I'm not alone.