Monday, 7 June 2010

When less is more - but only temporarily.

The rewrite of BTL means cutting out huge swathes of the original ms which means that I write maybe 500 - 800 new words only to discover when I check the word count that I'm only 50 or so words better off than I was. Nil desperandum I'll be reaching the totally new scenes soon so that should help the word count. I'm really enjoying it actually even though it is practically a totally different book now.
Different will be good if it is better.
I think it is.


Jarmara Falconer said...

Just remember the amount of dirty you have to clear away to find the diamond within, Colette.

Good luck, and here another can of polish... I hope it

LilyS said...

I'm sure it will be brilliant. I'm glad you are enjoying it which will reflect when it comes to reading it.

David said...

Glad to hear that you're happy with the content even if the slowly increasing word count doesn't do much for the morale. Keep on going with it!

HelenMHunt said...

It all sounds very positive.

Colette McCormick said...

Jarmara - I'll keep chipping away, trying to find that diamond.
Cheryl - I hope so.
David - I will.
Helen - it os (I think.)

Olivia Ryan said...

Good for you, Colette - keep it up! Re-writing can be very satisfying (afterwards)!! It's a lovely feeling knowing that what you've now got is so much better.
Good luck. xx

Colette McCormick said...

Thanks Olivia. I am enjoying the rewrites but it's the whole book and that means that other projects get put on the back burner so to speak which is a bit disappointing. If only there were more hours in a day. Having said that, if there were I'd probably just spend in surfing the internet and checking for an email that still hasn't come.
You're right though, it is very satisfying when you know that you've made something better.

Suzanne Jones said...

Hope it's still going well. I know the finished work will be fantastic.


Colette McCormick said...

I hope so Suzanne