Saturday, 27 June 2009

Not a lot... report as I don't think that I'v actually done any writing this week. Himself and I are on two weeks holiday from the day job and have basically just been taking time to be together (Big "Aaagghh" here would be appropriate.) Not being much of a sun worshipper we never go away to exotic places during our two weeks off. Instead we stay at home and enjoy lazy get ups, lots of coffee breaks and the occasional chore that we've been putting off.Actually this year we have started quite a major task in that we are decorating the living room. No need to rush these things though. So what if it's only half finished after the first week - that leaves the second week to finish the rest. Who needs to be able to sit on a sofa? Not me. The project was held up by the day that I insisted we go shopping for accessories and cam back with two cushions and yesterday when we went to visit Knaresbrough wich is a place that I used to see when I passed through it on the train when I used to travel more for my day job. It was great. Just as pretty close up as it is from a distance and very relaxing. Life moves very slowly there which was fine by me beause I wasn't moving too quickly myself yesterday (or any day.) I even got my backside nipped by a total stranger which Himself thought was hilarious as did Number 2 Son when I told him. The "stranger" was a big black sofa of a dog that must have been able to smell my own dog on my trousers, decided that she liked the smell him and thought she'd take a nibble. I felt sorry for the owner because she was clearly mortified. I just thought it was funny and gave the offending creature a bit of a fuss. She said she was embarrassed but hey - my dog embarrasses me most days.
So that's what I've been up to this week and I would imagine that there will be more of the same next week.
Sounds like the coffee pot has finished so I bid you all adieu and will retire to my bed again.
It's a hard life.


Olivia Ryan said...

Good for you! Sounds great - enjoy. I'm sure your writing will benefit from the break and relaxation when you get back to it.

Gonna be a writer said...

I hope so Olivia. Actually I feel like I want to write now, it feels like it won't be a chore but something that I choose to do.