Monday, 6 April 2009

Why I keep a secret

I know that I've told regular visitors this before but for newcomers writing is my secret. People that I work with don't know that I do it. Even my family beyond my husband don't know that I do it. I think Son Number 2 might knows that I'm often writing stuff down but I don't think that he has any idea that I've ever had anything published.
I was having a conversation with someone at work today about a couple of people that I used to work with who both described themselves as writers. One wrote short stories and poetry and the other was writing a mystery/thriller novel. You'd think that they would have given each other help and support but nothing could have been further from the truth. They couldn't abide each other and on the rare occasions that they did speak it wasn't about writing. In fact when they spoke to me they were each very dismissive of what the other was doing.
Anyway getting back to the conversation I was having today with someone who didn't know either of them they said that the reason these two people didn't get on was because they both recognised the other for what they really were. As a fake.
That started me thinking about why I don't tell people that I write.
Just for the record I don't consider myself a fake (writer or anything else) but do you know what sometimes a girl (okay quickly approaching middle aged woman) has to have something that she does just for herself and for me that's writing. So I'll not be telling anyone other than those I want to tell thank you very much.


Captain Black said...

I'm curious to know how someone could fake being a writer.

Annie Wicking said...

if you are happy keeping your writing a secret then who am I to say anything. The people I work with don't take my writing seriously, to them it's a big joke. I'm okay with that because I know I will have the last laugh.

Most don't even know I have a blog on the net, but there again, most don't even know what a blog is

Gonna be a writer said...

I think that the point my colleague Captain was trying to make was that unless you write best sellers you aren't a writer though I'm not sure.
As for the blog Annie, only my dear friend Tuesday Moon knows about that apart from you lot that is.

KAREN said...

I sometimes wish I'd never told anyone to be honest, especially my colleagues at work. I've started to dread the words 'so how's the novel going?' They're usually delivered with an air of slight mockery!

Gonna be a writer said...

Karen, I think that is exactly what I'm afraid of.