Thursday, 2 April 2009

My mum

A couple of weeks ago I told you all that I had started something for a Harper Collins competition around the subject of "Mothers."
I chose to write about an experience that I'd had with my own mother many years ago and in the process of writing I learned a lot of things about both myself and her. They were things that we have never said to each other but writing about it made it all so clear to me.
This piece of work is not going to be submitted to the competition or anywhere else. It is not for public consumption.
Now I finally really appreciate just how much my mother loves me and I hope that she realises that the feeling is totally mutual.


Dar said...

It's a good thing to learn something from our writing. We spend so much of the time trying to make clear what we all ready know; it's a gift when something we don't know becomes clear to us. :)

Anonymous said...

Writing as therapy, eh? I've heard of that. Tried it once when under the affluence of incahol. Read it the next day. You can guess where the file ended up.

Annie Wicking said...

WoW, GBW that is wonderful. I always find I learn something new about myself through my writing. Whether it's through the research or just the writing itself.

A great posting, thank you for sharing it with us.

Best wishes,

Gonna be a writer said...

Dar - it was like a lightbulb being switched on.
Captain - writing for therapy helped me threw a very dodgy time a couple of years ago. You should be careful with the incahol though. The say that too much of it is bad for you.
Annie - I was happy to share it.