Sunday, 12 April 2009

More advice required please

Okay so the editing of BTL is coming along and I hope that in a few months time and certainly by the end of the year it will be in it's finished form and ready to be sent out to agents/publishers. I did send it out a couple of times about a year ago and the agents I sent it to were complimentary about the style of writing but declined to take it on. Okay that's their opinion and that was before it was changed and polished etc. I know that I went about it the wrong way before and this time I am determined to do it right.
I sent it out to each agent individually one at a time and had to wait for their reply before sending it to someone else. I read somewhere of an author (can't remember who but then I read about so many of them) who sent their book to about half a dozen different agents at the same time. Is it really okay to do that? What if three if them love it?
What I would be really interested to know (if you don't mind sharing) is, those of you that have agents, how did you find them?
By the way, Happy Easter!


KAREN said...

I think it's ok to send to multiple agents, otherwise you'd be waiting for ever!

Try looking The Writers and Artists Yearbook, or read the acknowledgement page of writers in a similar genre to you - they usually thank their agent :o)

Gonna be a writer said...

It just seems so odd that its okay to send a book out to multiple people when that's exactly what you don't do with a short story. I have a couple in mind but by the time I'm ready to send it out I'll have researched a couple more.
Thanks for the advice.

Calistro said...

It's fine to send it out to more than one agent. A writer I know sent it to about 6 - 4 of them asked for the full and then 3 of them offered her representation! She had to tell them that others were interested, meet them all and then choose which one she wanted to sign with. What a lovely situation to be in!

Gonna be a writer said...

Now there's a situation I wouldn't mind being in. So if i send it to more than one do I need to tell them at the start?