Sunday, 7 December 2008

A small thing

My latest rejection meant that I had to visit my "What's Where" file where I discovered that I only have 12 bits of writing currently with editors.
Of them there's one non fiction that I think I can forget about. It's with a magazine that is notoriously long at getting back to you and they have had it just over a year. I'd forgotten about it anyway so maybe I shouldn't count that. I only noticed it because I scrolled too far.
Then there's the story that has been with someone for 8 months. They asked that I give them 6 months so I have queried that one this morning.
There's one that People's Friend have had since May, another with Best since August and one with The Weekly News since later in August.
That leaves two with the magazine that rejected a story I sent them in November. They have had the two that they still have since October. I also have one fiction and one non fiction with editors I have never worked with before and they have had these particular works of genius (I am laughing you realise) since November.
There are also a couple of stories with a foreign editor who I have been warned never gets back to you sometimes not even when they want your story. I didn't know that when I submitted and I won't submit to them again so maybe I should just forget about those and out them down to experience.
So that, in a nutshell is my WW file. It is small but it is mine and just like my bank balance I will try and improve it in the coming months.


Annie Wicking said...

I'm thinking about going mad in 2009 and sending a whole lot of stuff out to all sort of magazines and writing competitions, just so I have something in the post.

Maybe forgetting about them make it easier to get over the rejection when it comes through... Just a thought.

best wishes & ((Hug))

Captain Black said...

Don't feel bad. My WW file is currently empty.

Gonna be a writer said...

I'm going to submit more next year and even though I'm sure I said the same thing last year I'm going to do it. I still maintain that I write for me but I do get a thrill from having something accepted and it can't be accepted if it's not submitted. We should make a pact to submit more.
I'm curious Captain, do you ever submit work?

Captain Black said...

I submit work very infrequently but I'm thinking about changing that next year.

Gonna be a writer said...

Do you want to join our pact Captain. the more the merrier.