Sunday, 28 December 2008

A difficult year for GBW & Co Ltd.

In the year 2007-2008 production was down by 30% and sales were down by 50%. The Board (that'd be me and the dog) has decided therefore, that unless the company is to go the way of so many other companies this needs to be addressed and addressed immediately.
The Chairman (the dog) has asked that I (the only person in the company that can type) "do something about it." (Please note the non specific nature of the Chairman's instruction so that if it doesn't happen he can deny all blame.)
The Chairman also asked if I had a theory on why the company had endured such a bad year and I told him that I felt that the reasons were threefold.
1. I didn't submit as much as I should have or hoped that I would.
2. What I did sub wasn't good enough.
3. I didn't write enough
Okay so that's the self pity over for another year and this is what really happened.
1. There were huge parts of 2008 when writing wasn't my number one priority. Okay, so as a year it wasn't as bad as the one before but it certainly had it's moments. So sometimes, writing and subbing were the last things on my mind.
2. I subbed some things to the wrong market at the wrong time or before they were ready.
3. Can't argue with number three - it's true.
After listening to my argument the Chairman nodded like the wise old sage that he is before knocking me to the floor and licking me ferociously for five minutes. That concluded the Board Meeting and we went for a walk to devise a plan to have a better year next year. Said plan will go before the Board at a later date.


Mummy said...

Your chairman is obviously very wise and understanding! Here's to a fantastic 2009 :)

Annie Wicking said...

Happy New Year!

I'm with you there,GBW. I feel I need to work harder in 2009, if I hope to see it through these more difficult times ahead of us. I have three years in which I must get a publisher interested in my book to publish it or I won't be able to give up work as I plan to do.

Good luck with all your writing projects.


Suzanne said...

Here's hoping you and the Chairman enjoy a terrific 2009.

Gonna be a writer said...

How right you are Mummy about the Chairman, he is very wise. But being wise makes him very tired and he needs a lot of naps.
Good luck Annie with your 3 year project.
Suzanne, I'll pass your good wishes onto the Chairman when he wakes up.
Here's wishing that 2009 is just what you all want it to be. Good luck.

Annie Wicking said...

Happy 2009, GBW

I thought I'll just drop by your writing cave to share a cuppa with you and your dragon, Georgiana.

but I think you must both be out. It's looking a bit cold and empty at the moment.

I'll drop by some other.

Bye for now,

Gonna be a writer said...

You must have come by while we were in the woods Annie. We're spending more time walking than writing at the moment.