Sunday, 1 June 2008

My week

Despite a couple of rejections, I'm quite pleased with my writing week.
As well as my early start on Wednesday which saw me getting a lot done I was up early yesterday, long before anyone else got up and wrote about a thousand words or so. I also wrote a short story, well the first draft anyway. Then there's the publisher interested in my Topsy project. I'm not sure how much further their interest will go but even if this is it at least it's made me finish it. I submitted a couple of stories to magazines too.
I think that was all.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a pretty full week to me. Good luck with Topsy.

Angel said...

Good for you-you have to just pick yourself up with the rejections.

Interesting about writing early-I can reel off a short story at 5 in the morning. But I always have to come back mid afternoon and put all the descriptive/detail in.

Fingers crossed about the topsy project.

warm wishes