Thursday, 26 June 2008

Ideas Anyone?

An editor I have worked with a few times has suggested that I should have a website. I've been reluctant to have one before because I'm not sure what I will put on there that is of interest to people. I know that it's a way of promoting my work but do I have enough experience to need a website. Isn't that just for established authors? I will do it but I'm struggling with myself about what should be on there. Ideas anyone?


Anonymous said...

A web site can have one or many purposes. I think you need to define what these purposes are. What does your editor think the purposes are? Purely a marketing tool, or something more? I have my own web site and I think it's purposes are:

* For friends to keep track of my writing work.
* Providing samples of my writing work.
* Containing links to other blogs and web sites.
* Providing information about me.

I've had nothing published yet, so there's no marketing aspect on it.

Once you've defined the purposes, you can decide on content, styles interfaces and other aspects.

Gonna be a writer said...

I'm always amazed when you say that you've had nothing published, is that because you don't submit?

Anonymous said...

You're right. So far I haven't submitted anything. I can't fully explain why this is so. It's partly because I don't write many short things, so wouldn't have a great deal to submit. The long pieces are not finished, and the medium-length (25K ish) don't have an obvious market. I suppose I'm going for quality not quantity - my excuse and I'll stick to it for now.

Let us all know when your web site is up!

The Writing Gardener said...

Hi there. I find authors' websites interesting and am busy listing a few on my own blog (under 'Author Websites' - obviously). If you have a look at what other writers put on their sites it might give you some ideas about how you would want yours to be. Good luck.