Friday, 6 June 2008

End of this particular road.

Topsy reached the end of this particular road - but thats okay.
Regular visitors will know that my Topsy project was started to get me through the worst time of my life last year which is hopefully behind me now. Writing generally but writing this in particular helped me get through. So if for no other reason, this project has been a huge success. When I recently decided to pitch the idea to publisher I wasn't sure why I did it but it did seem like the right thing to do and I was thrilled when they wanted to see more. They decided that they didn't want to persue it but I'm okay with that. I was in a bit of a panic that they would want to see the full manuscript because as I went through it again I realised that there was more work on it that I wanted to do.
So I'd just like to say thanks to Dan (the publisher) for his encouragement and his kind words both when he delivered the bad news and afterwards. I now know what I need to do and I'm thinking that it is something that I will do.


Anonymous said...

So no publication for Topsy, but I would count it as a success. After all, from what you've said, it seems to have fulfilled its purpose now that the bad times are behind you.

So, on with the next project, no doubt...

Gonna be a writer said...

You're getting to know me captain