Tuesday, 12 February 2008

So much to do - so little time

The goulash can wait a minute.
I'm feeling a bit in the same boat as Sally (see her recent post) in that I'm struggling to decide what best to do.
I have next week off work and much as I would like to spend the whole week writing that's just not going to happen because there are so many other things to do. Like I said in my last post there are some short stories that I want to place or polish. I would also like to work on my novel although I haven't totally reconnected with that yet, maybe because I've been neglegting it to write short stories and try to get work published. Then there is the topsy project that filled up so much of my time last autumn. I really feel like I want to work on that because it's time to put it to bed. Oh, and didn't I say that I wanted to sort out the writing drawers. Everytime I pick up a notebook or a piece of paper there's an idea or the start of a story written on it. Oh yes, amd wasn't I going to try and produce one non fiction article each month. AARRRGHHH!!!
What to do - where to start.
I need a plan because otherwise I'm going to spend so much time doing so many things yet doing any of them properly.


Moondreamer said...

Gonna Be, it might be worth checking out Wridea.com.

I can only say it was highly recommended by a friend, as i haven't been organised enough to find the time to look at it properly!


Anonymous said...

WoW! Im imp! you seem very determind. Wish I felt as motivated.

Lucy Diamond said...

Hmmm...I get this feeling quite a lot! Making lists and ticking things off works for me. Good luck!

Gonna be a writer said...

I must confess I like a list to tick off. I just need to make sure that I get the right stuff on the list and in the right order.
BTW love the picture motherx

HelenMH said...

Oh, you sound just like me! I'm always trying to work on way too many things at the same time! Sometimes it pays off, but sometimes I think a bit of focus would be better!