Sunday, 3 February 2008

An ordinary story

A few months ago I entered a story into a competition. I thought it was a good story and liked it a lot. I was a bit disappointed when it wasn't even shortlisted because like I said I thought it was a good story. This week I read the story that won the competition and I have to say that it made mine look soooooooooooooooooo ordinary. It was fantastic and I really don't mind losing out to it.


aliqot said...

Hi there gonna B,

I have had a dip into your blog - really enjoyed it. It sounds as though you're much more organised and motivated to write and submit work, than I have been in January.

I enjoyed the thoughts you've posted on the right hand side.

Is it ok if I link to your blog?

Gonna be a writer said...

I would love you to link to my blog aliqot.

Gonna be a writer said...

I should have added before pressing send. Thanks for the lovely comments and I'm rarely as organised as I was in January.