Sunday, 13 January 2008

Missing payments and defunct machinery

Can you believe it's almost the middle of January already. Where is this year going? I was just kidding but in all seriousness time is short, life is short, time does pass quickly, so if there's something you want - go for it now.
The Festive Season is well and truly behind us now and life is back to normal. It was good to get back to doing the day job normally but that meant that there wasn't so much free time to write. I managed to get a fair bit done though. I edited a short story that I'd written the week before and submitted that. I also re-polished an old story and submitted that and entered a competition. And I started working on a non fiction article yesterday.
I've had fun and games with my printer this week. It will print everything but a Word document or more accurately, anything but a saved Word document. That is frustrating because it holds everything up. I've had to send things to myself and then open the attachment somewhere other than home and print it off there. ARRGGGHHH!!!! Himself was going to reload the drivers yesterday while I was at work. I guess I'll see in a minute if that's worked. I fear the thing may be for that place where all defunct printers go which is even more annoying because I've just bought cartridges for it.
Got a bit of a delicate problem which I'm hoping will be sorted this week. I had two stories in magazines in December and as yet I haven't been paid for them. I hope that I hear from them this week because if I don't I'm thinking that I may have to contact them and okay, I accept that they owe me money for a serivice I provided but it's not a problem I've had before so I'm not sure how to deal with it. The thing is that the filters on my mailbox have been sending stuff to the junk file that shouldn't go there so maybe they have tried to contact me and the message has been sent to the wrong place. The payment would be made electronically so they would ask me to provide information. Working on the premise that they probably pay at the end of the month they will be preparing that payment run in the middle of the month which hopefully will be this week.


SallyQ said...

It's definitely worth contacting them, Gonna B. If it's who I'm thinking of, then they'll be very helpful. It's happened to me in the past, and I think it's because they've had a few teething problems bringing the new system in.

Just send a polite email saying that you haven't yet received payment and you wondered if there was a problem.

Good luck!

Moondreamer said...

Half way through January ...?

Yes, it is hard to believe (I'm sure time is speeding up as I get older!) But it's all good, still getting into the swing of this year, but have managed to achieve something (even if very small) every day ... am definitely 'going for it!' (Great advice!)

I hope your printer problem is resolved? I think mine needs to go back to the shop ... only two months old and it won't print anything. It says there's a blockage (ten years ago, it would have been a peanut butter sandwich or a set of keys!), but I can't find anything ... I wish my daughter would stop telling me I need a man!

Good luck with your 'delicate problem' and congratulations on the publications!


Gonna be a writer said...

I took the bull by the horns and emailed them yesterday. So far I've not heard anything but I live in hope. As for the printer, Himself says its a software problem on the computer rather than the printer - it's all Chinese to me so I'll leave him to it and submit by email for now.