Thursday, 13 September 2007

Focusing on the plan

I had another rejection today. The editor in question complimented the story, saying that they liked it and that it was beautifully written but just not right for them. It's actually a story that I love so I'm going to find a market for it.
I'm trying to get my mind back on writing more. There's nothing that I can do about the other stuff that's going on but I/we have a plan when the bad stuff finishes and I need to be writing.
Plus when I'm writing the bad stuff disappears temporarily so if I could only get my head to stay in the writing. I need to focus on the plan.


SallyQ said...

I've found the same thing, Gonna B. If I can write, it pushes the bad stuff aside, even if only for an hour. It's all too easy to be consumed by a problem, and we all do it, so any relief from it is good. And at least writing is not fattening or alcoholic ;-)

Gonna be a writer said...

Yeah, it's a good job there's no calories in it. I'm carrying more than enough weight as it is.