Monday, 17 September 2007

A bit like Topsy

I've done lots of writing today compared to what I have been managing lately. I wrote a bit more of the short story that I started last week and about 1000 words on my non fiction project.
That particular project started off as what I thought would be an article but it is growing - a bit like Topsy. (I don't know who Topsy was but my mum used to say it a lot)


womagwriter said...

Topsy as in Bimbo and Topsy? An Enid Blyton book for the very young about a puppy and a kitten who get into all sorts of terrible scrapes together...

Topsy's the puppy. Wonder if that's where your mum got the phrase from?

Anyway, well done on your word count!

Gonna be a writer said...

I'm guessing my mum must have picked it up from some-one. I don't see her as a big Enid Blyton fan but I'm going to ask her. Personally I used to love the stories about The Faraway Tree.