Sunday, 3 February 2013

A proper moody mare.

It's been an odd sort of day, one that has been thoroughly miserable for no particular reason. It's just the way that I have felt.
I have been known to have the odd "dark" time in the past but I usually shake it off after an hour or so - sometimes it just lasts a few minutes but today it has gone on all day. Hopefully I will wake up in a different mood tomorrow.
I was going to submit a short story to WN but then I remembered that there are at least 3 outstanding stories with Jill at the moment anyway one of them from months ago so I figure she has a backlog and so I decided to give it a miss. It probably wouldn't have stood a chance anyway because I'd be sending bad karma with it.
Then I realised that I had 4 anonymous comments from robots so I had to change my settings which isn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things but just an annoyance that my mood blew out of all proportions.
Anyway here's to a better day tomorrow and thank you for listening (well reading).
BTW where does the full stop go in that last sentence? Is it inside or outside the brackets? I've always been a bit hazy on that one.


Frances Garrood said...

Outside the brackets, because it's part of the same sentence.

Have a better week, Colette. And some acceptances!

Debbie said...

( ). Outside.

I hope your day got brighter.

Teresa Ashby said...

Hope your mood has lifted today :-) And it's funny you should ask about that full stop - I've never been sure, but I put it outside the same as you :-) x

Anonymous said...

I hope your mood has improved now.

You can consider the text in brackets to be a secondary clause but still in the same sentence. Therefore the full stop should go outside the brackets. I think it's a far more common occurrence for the period to go outside, rather than inside the brackets (in my experience, anyway).

Also, to nit-pick, there should probably be a comma between "well" and "reading". Otherwise "well reading" could be interpreted as "reading well".

Colette McCormick said...

Thanks Frances - an acceptance or two would be most welcome.
Thanks Debbie - yes it did once it was over and I woke up in the next one. To be fair it was almost midnight when I posted.
Teresa I am so glad that it's not just me.
Captain - nitpicking is what I need. Maybe I should ask you to edit my book - seriously.