Sunday, 28 October 2012

Decisions decisions

Oh well, its decision time again. What do I read next. I finished what I referred to last week as a Kinsey Milhone book and need to choose something else to read. Just to clarify, Kinsey is the character in the Sue Grafton Alphabet series and the book that I have just finished is "I is for Innocent." I do have "J is for Judgement" but I think I'll give Kinsey a rest for the moment. So what to read next.
There are literally hundreds of books in this house that I haven't read but somehow I can't make my mind up about which one to choose. I haven't read a biography for a bit, well for at least two books anyway, somaybe I'll give one of them a go. Himself bought me the biography (or is it "ies" given that they are in the same book?) of Lady Jane Grey's sisters so maybe that'll be the one. No doubt you will all lose hours of sleep until you find out the answer to that one. Just kidding.
On a different note, I finished the rough draft of the article that I was writing last week but I didn't polish it and send it off because I decided to write the second article that I had in  my mind. Actual writing with a pen on paper which was a lot of fun. I plan on polishing this week. I also want to write a letter to a newspaper in response to a letter that I read in there today. Not that productive I know but at least it will let me get something off my chest.
Did you get the snow the other day? Up here we get a lot of snow usually although we only had one real session of it last year but we're not quite Scotland so we don't usually get it in October so I hope it isn't a sign of the things to come. 
Anyway, I'll let you know what book I choose and I'd be interested to know how other people make their choices.


Frances said...

We had a sprinkle of snow overnight in Hertfordshire on Saturday morning. Quite a surprise as I thought it wasn't going to be any further south than Newcastle!

Paula R C Readman said...

I always go for something outside my comfort zone try something different. At the moment I'm on to ghost stories. Pretty scary :-)

Colette McCormick said...

Frances I think the forcasters make them up half the time.
Paula - be brave.

Flowerpot said...

Too far south for snow here in Cornwall but lots of rain! I'm struggling with The Reluctant Fundamentalist for my reading group. Well written but I find it very difficult to read, if you know what I mean.

Colette McCormick said...

I hate having to struggle with a book. I hate having to give up on a book but sometimes its a chore.