Monday, 7 May 2012

What I found in the bag.

Oh I REALLY don't like this new blogger. Anyway, I have spent the last hour or so going through the said "bag" and put things into piles, some for now and some for later. I made a list of wesites etc that I had noted and I am going to look them up and work out what I was hoping to get from them. Then there is a pile of some other things that I want to start working on asap and lastly there are the things that have gone back into the bag for future reference. Things that I found that I feel are worth a mention are 1. A character that I would love to develop into a series of stories. She is too big for just one but I'm not sure what sort of outlet there would be for such a series. I'll try to get one story written and worry about the rest later. 2. Something that I wrote the day after my last dog died which made me cry. 3. An outline for a screenplay that when I started to read I could see playing out in pictures infront of me. 4. An idea that I wrote down that if developed properly would make a great tear jerker. 5. A few non fiction ideas that might be worth exploring. And this just came from that one bag. What about my drawers? What about the notebooks that are dotted around all over the house? I used to be so inspired. I used to be so enthusiastic. I wish that I could get some of that enthusiasm back because if I'm being honest I probably have been going through the motions recently.


Diane Fordham said...

Hi Colette - sounds like to me you've got something to work with there. Sending you 'enthusiasm' vibes... :-)

Flowerpot said...

I think we all have times when we're not inspired,Colette - I certainly do. Teh trick is to go through teh motions until I am again, I find. It does come. Just not often when you want it! Sounds like you have loads of great ideas though so keep at it.

Colette McCormick said...

Thanks Diane and FP I'll keep going until the enthusiasm comes back. Its on it's way I think.