Thursday, 5 January 2012

Writing +

The problem with writing a blog just about writing is that sometimes there's not a lot to write about and that makes for a very dull blog.
So what else is happening? well one of our fence panels is or rather was in the neighbours garden. Its now propped up half in the cupboard under the stairs and half in the kitchen. I should point out that the said cupboard is in the kitchen, the panel is not in two pieces, it is however I fear beyond repair. Not a lot we can do until the wind drops apart from keep the dog out of the garden. My neighbours fence is still intact as far as I can see so he couldn't go far, but best he doesn't go exploring someone else's garden without their permission. However because if the positioning of the now defunct fence panel in/out of the cupboard under the stairs it does mean that I can't get to the basket of ironing so it will have to remain not ironed at least for now. Every cloud eh.
On a writing note I have reached an impasse in my Nice project. What? Again? I hear you cry. Yes I have. 24,000 words in, my MC has a decision to make and depending on that decision, the story will move on in one of two ways. At the momnet, after this mornings efforts I'm not sure what she will decide. I think I need a piece of paper and a pros and cons list for each choice and go from there.
Yetserday was the first anniversary of the day that I was told I was being made redundant. It was horrible at the time but lookig at it now I think that it was for the best. Some things are worse like my salary and my team but as a former colleague told me a few weeks ago it took me ten years in my previous post to build those up so I need to give myself a break.


Frances Garrood said...

Happy to read about your fence panels, Colette! There are plenty of blogs which are just about writing - variety makes a nice change (says she, who can't stick to the subject of writing however hard she tries...)

Colette McCormick said...

Why thank you Frances - who knows what mayhem I may blog about next. There are pleanty of blogs just about writing but I felt mine was becoming a tad dull so thought I'd share something extra. Have to say (without meaning to sound sycophantic) I love your poems.

Jarmara Falconer said...

I enjoy reading news chatty sort of blogs with news of what the writers are writing and news of their acceptance and rejections so write about anything and everything as long and we do know what is happening in your world of writing.

Happy New year to you and yours

Colette McCormick said...

Happy New Year to you to Jarmara. May 2012 be everything that you hope it will be.