Sunday, 22 January 2012

I didn't know I could....

...write one that is.
Let me explain.
I received an email yesterday which I have just opened from an editor saying that in a recently submitted article, I had written " a parenthetical statement." Really? Can anybody tell me what one of those is because I have absolutely no idea and certainly didn't know that I could do one. Way to go me! I have a new skill. Apparently I could have set it off with dashes rather than commas but I'd rather not of they don't mind because I'm not really fond of a dash in a sentence but I do quite like a comma.
On a different note I have a Sunday morning to myself so that involves a bit of writing (should be a lot but I'm making no promises) with a (now) nearly empty cup of Earl Grey by my side while the lovely Roger Federer plays tennis in the background (on the television that is, not actually in my living room.)
The writing that I should be doing is my Nice project which is currently around 28,000 words long and we are just getting to the crux of the matter as it were so it is an interesting time. I suppose I should sort out my "parenthetical statement" issue too at some point.
Maybe I'll put the kettle on again first.

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