Thursday, 2 September 2010

mantra de jour

After following my mantra de jour i.e. be hyper critical on your writing before sending it out there I submitted a short story today so that was good. The day hasn't been a total waste then. The truth is that I have done very little else. It's a day off from the day job today and that's exactly what I did - I had a day off. Apart from going to the supermarket this morning and making some lunch for Himself and I, I have done nothing else and do you know what I feel so much better for it. I've been on a downer in general recently and today is just what I needed to recharge the batteries. Who knows - I might even potter into the kitchen to knock up some tea in a bit.
I feel like I want to start a new "big" project but I'm just not getting the inspiration? Any ideas of how to get inspired? Usually it comes to me when I least expect it so I maybe need to just hang around a but longer and wait for it to come to me. Either that or get the love back for the two "big" projects that were started and then mothballed.
I'll give it some thought.


Jarmara Falconer said...

I found that reading through an unfinished story or book you got stuck on sometime ago and haven't give a second thought to can throw up new possiblites. I have a story on my computer I've revisited a couple of times. This morning I was flicking through my unfinished stories looking for another story to have ready in case I have another rejection from PF. I started to read through it find a few typos I got to a sticky bit and started to play about with it.... and, hey presto! A new story started to unfold before my very eyes... It's surprising what happens at 4.00 in the morning.

Okay so you don't want to get up at four o'clock but at least give rereading one of your old stories again who knows it may just turn into a novel or a completely new story.

Good luck,

Colette McCormick said...

I would rather not be up at 4am Jarmara but I do take your point. In fact I'm going to have a read through some old/unfinished stuff in a minute (at 11pm).
Any word from PF on teh story that you sent them recently?

Bluestocking Mum said...

I do agree with Jamara. I've found that sometimes.

And often if I have a thread of an idea, I find that if I just mull over it over and over it can come to me - it's strange how it works, that spark of motivation.

I'm also an early morning person but I tend not to get new ideas then. It's best for plugging away on word counts of established projects.

Personally, I find I can't beat nature for inspiration. Go on a walk down a county lane (with as few cars as possible) and see what comes to you!

Well done on the Short btw.


David said...

Hey Colette,

Sometimes I have an 'inspiration day' and go off and do something non-writing related. Maybe I go to a museum, or head for the beach (if it's not too cold). Anwhere really. It's funny but I find once I manage to take a bit of time 'out' and stop thinking about writing, the ideas come a little more readily.

I should probably take my own advice at the moment as I need to get some more inspiration soon...


Jarmara Falconer said...

No news from PF yet. I sent it to them on the August 1st so its been a month but that's nothing new for me. The last one took two months before I recieved a rejection. Oh well it gives me more time to polish another story for

Karen said...

It's hard to force yourself to get going and 'feel the love.' I think you just have to go with the flow for now and wait until you feel inspired again - it will happen :o)

Suzanne Jones said...

We all need to relax - and a day of rest can work wonders.


Colette McCormick said...

BSM - I'll be taking the dog for a walk down a country lane as soon as he can be bothered to get out of bed so hopefully that will work.
David - I'll let my mind wander and hope for the best.
Jarmara - it's great that hey've had your story a month - 2 days is my record.
Karen - like everything in my life I want it now. I hate waiting.
Suzanne - the days rest was wonderful though I did feel ever so slightly naughty.

Colette McCormick said...
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Colette McCormick said...
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