Sunday, 1 August 2010

A determined effort

Okay, I'm going to try this and see how it goes.
I have decided that because blogs/facebook and the internet in general is so diverting I am going to schedule it into my week.
For the next week I am only going to allow myself to look at blogs on Wednesday and again next Sunday. Usually I check it each night and I end up doing none of things that I should have been doing. Okay so I have just come up with a snag. The W2W results will probably be out tomorrow and I will want to check that so maybe a quick peak there but nothing else.
Facebook is a different animal because that is much more fluid with more going on. Having said that there is so much on there that is a waste of my time reading and the writers time writing so maybe I should not go on there either.Some of my friends (and they are friends not random people that I have befriended) write about EVERYTHING that they are doing so much so that I am surprised they ever get anything done. That really annoys me but they are my friends and I don't want to upset them. Just out of interest does anyone know of a way that I can stop getting their feed without them knowing about it? Like I said a second ago, they are my friends and I don't want to upset them.
Anyway the point of this post was to say that I am going to make a VERY determined effort not to become so easily diverted by the internet so that I can actually get on with the things that I should be doing.


HelenMHunt said...

That sounds like a very good idea. Let us know how you get on. You can hide people's feeds on Facebook, just hover your cursor to the right hand side on one of their posts.

L'Aussie said...

We all suffer from the same disease here, but personally I am enjoying blogging as I've only been serious about it for a short time and at this stage I actually feel it helps my writing the way I've been using it.

I keep facebook for only family and friends. When their feeds come through on Home, you can click on the right to Hide the feed. They're none the wiser. I do this when I get sick of friends/family who fb every time they eat a bit of liquorice or something and really have nothing to say..:)

Caroline said...

Like you I blog WAY TOO MUCH. So your suggestion for only dipping in on Sunday's and Wednesdays is a good one. I only wish I could be as disciplined. I know I could never stick to it.... and like you say W2W results are out tomorrow....Caroline x

Joanne Fox said...

It's so easy to waste time on the internet isn't it. I find Facebook useful for some things, but if I don't log in for a few days I don't really miss it. My trouble is that I check my email far more often than I need to, then wander off onto other places!

jenny wilson said...

i wish i had your determinationx

Leigh Russell said...

Sounds very organised and disciplined! I wonder if you'll keep to your resolution. I know what you mean about people who seems to post about everything they do - where do they find the time to do anything apart from post comments about doing it?

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your timetable. I make loads of plans and schedules but I rarely stick to them.

With facebook, there are two ways I can think of to cut down the news-feed traffic. One is to hide the applications and/or people you're not interested in (hover over the item and click the "hide" button when it appears). The other is to set up lists of friends and then apply different settings to the different lists. I guess that's a bit more involved, so the help pages may be better at describing that than me.

Colette McCormick said...

Helen - actually it wasn't so bad once I got my head used to the idea. I clicked Word open and went straight to a story that I wanted to work on rather than the internet icon. Having said that its barely 7am on my designated day and here I am.
L'Aussie - its good to know I'm not alone.
Caroline - It was easier than I thought it would be - honestly.
Joanne - for me the trouble with facebook is that if I don't go on for a few days then loads of things have happened and there's pages and pages to scroll through. Having said that now that I've been told how to hide certain "feeds" there might not be so much of it.
Jenny - thanks. You should give it a go - you might surprise yourself.
Leigh - I've never understood why people feel the need to tell us every thought that has popped into their head. Like you said, when do they find time to do anything else?
Captain - if I had £1 for every plan that I'd started and then not carried through I would indeed be very rich, bit then, I'm sure that most of us could say the same.

Karen said...

I really need to be more disciplined in this area, I waste far too much time faffing about on the internet. I used to go on my netbook instead, which wasn't connected, but now we have wi-fi I can't resist going online when I'm using that too!

Colette McCormick said...

Faffing can be a lot of fun Karen but like you say it wastes so much time.

Suzanne Jones said...

Blogging is a real time-stealer. Think I need to take a leaf out of your book.


Colette McCormick said...

I actually found it easier than I thought I would Suzanne - at least I did once I'd got my head in gear.