Thursday, 22 April 2010

Not with the pink pen

I've just popped over here from my book for a second or two to let you all know how it is going.
Well, despite my friend Jan saying that she thought that the new version of chapter 1 was better than the original for being George-less as you know I struggled to start chapter 2. But after a reminder from some of you that I wouldn't actually be killing him but sending him on a long holiday to the back of my brain (very sunny at this time of year)I managed to make a start. It was slow progress for a day or two but last night it just sort of clicked into place and my fingers have been tapping away like mad things. And the same thing this morning. I'm giving myself a couple of hours on it right now and maybe a bit more later so hopefully I'll make some progress.
One of my concerns was that I would chop huge swathes of words out because George was in them and not be able to fill them but so far I'm doing alright. My MC (female) seems to be managing okay on her own.
Maybe they should leave Christine Bleakley on her own after Adrian Chiles leaves The One Show - she'd do alright.
That's it really - nothing else to report. I've submitted my W2W story but I've been concentrating on BTL so I haven't written much apart from that though that has just reminded me that my boss wants a press release for the local paper. I'd forgotten all about that so I'd best do that today.
I'll use the pink pen for that just so she doesn't think I've fallen out with her.


Suzanne Jones said...

Glad your MC is managing on her own and I agree about Christine - she'd be fine alone, too. Perhaps we should send a petition to the BBC.


Colette McCormick said...

Lets do it Suzanne - lets start a leave Christine alone petition.