Sunday, 28 February 2010

The last post

...from this laptop. You don't get away that lightly.
The good people at Dell have prmoised that the new one will be here tomorrow and this faithful old friend will be tucked away under a bed or somewhere "just in case." The internet connection is decidedly dodgy but at least I've stayed in touch with everything even if sending an attatchment has meant lots of plugging and unplugging.
What I am going to do now - well in 10 minutes after I've checked emails - is clear out what is euphamistically called my "desk" which is not a desk at all but a set of three drawers that are choc full of notebooks and bits of paper upon which are written ideas, half written stories and some finished stories amongst other things. The drawers are so full this sort of stuff that you can't open the top drawer without them all opening. The other day I bought myself a lovely big box with a lid and I'm going to sort out the mess that is in the drawers and put all of my WIP stuff in one place. It will mean a lopt of sorting but it'll be worth it. I mean who needs three different versions of the same thing or the bit of paper that has the original idea written on it for a story that was sold a year ago? Not me that's for sure.
Spring is on the way and it's time for a spring clean.
Might have a cup of tea first though.


Suzanne Jones said...

I should have a clear out. There's a very real danger of being buried alive by some of the piles I've got hanging around everyhwere.

Enjoy the new laptop.


Jarmara Falconer said...

I hope you do get your new laptop soon. Good luck with the spring cleaning too.

Colette McCormick said...

It is very therapeutic Suzanne.
Thanks Jarmara - I'm certainly looking forward to a machine that behaves itself.

HelenMHunt said...

RIP laptop, and good luck with the spring clean. I soooo need to do that, but know that I won't!

Olivia Ryan said...

Hope you're pleased with your new laptop, Colette! And that your clearout was therapeutic. Sometimes it just makes you feel so good, doesn't it, to chuck out a load of stuff and have a tidy-up. It's hard to face doing it, though!

Colette McCormick said...

The old laptop hasn't quite gone to the graveyard yet. It'll go back into storage "just in case."
I am pleased with the new laptop Olivia but it is very shiny. It is definately good to have a clearout every now and then but I'mafraid that I didn't get it all done. Too easily distracted.