Sunday, 15 November 2009

Best year?

This post over on womags blog got me thinking and prompted me to have a look at my own submission spreadsheet and I noticed several things that have also made me think. (Note to self - spend less time thinking.)
1. My first paid acceptance came in November 2006 (8th to be precise so i just missed the anniversary.)
2. In the first three months of submitting "seriously" (I'd sent out about 1 a year for a few years before 2006) I had 3 stories accepted. (God I must have thought I had it made - if only.) sadly the next acceptance did not come for another 10 months.
3. In terms of pieces accepted 2009 has so far been my best year - currently sitting at 4.
4. Since 2006 I have submitted 116 pieces of work which includes everything even poems and article pitches and of them 14 have been accepted = 12% success rate. In 2009 I have submitted 33 dfferent things and like I said have had 4 pieces accepted which oddly enough = 12%.
So much for it being my best year to date!!!


Olivia Ryan said...

Oh, but it is, Colette - better than your previous years, never mind about percentages! (That's my excuse, as they hurt my brain!). Give yourself a pat on the back. We're all up against incredible odds and it's surprising we ever get anything accepted at all in the current market - which must mean we're all brilliant! x

Colette McCormick said...

You're right Olivia we are all brilliant. I think that I will forget about the percentages because in my day job I work in real numbers rather than percentages. My old boss used to say that percentages were meaningless - its the numbers that matter and like you say I've had more published this year than last. Thanks for that.