Friday, 25 September 2009

NRIMH Update

Just thought I'd let you know how the first draft of NRIMH is coming along. Not bad at all is how thank you very much. Well is it the first draft or the second? Mmmm good question. I write it in long hand with my pink pen and then I type it up. That is how I know that it is currently just under 15,000 words long. I'll be working with the pink pen for the next few weeks, well make that the next week, then I'll be having a week or so off doing anything at all other than relaxing and then I'll get the pink pen out again.
I'm working on a section of the story at the moment that concentrates on character J. Some of you may remember that J is the character that I wanted to dislike but found that I had sympathy for. I wonder if I'll still feel the same way when they have developed a bit more.
Maybe I'll get one of those widgety things that shows the world how it is coming along.
I know it's not much to post about but it's all I've been working on this week.


Fia said...

Having the same challenge with one of my characters as you.

It's hard to do isn't it?

Colette said...

It is hard Fia. I really don't want to feel sorry for J but I can't help it. I'm not sure I like them but I don't despise them like I thought I would.

Olivia Ryan said...

Sounds like you're making good progress Colette. And I agree about characters - I always end up liking the ones I didn't intend to like, and often vice-versa - they do take on lives of their own, you know! x

Colette said...

You're right Olivia, these people are real - in my head at least.