Friday, 11 September 2009

An anniversary

Eight years ago today I started my first real attempt at a novel. It never really got off the ground and stalled at 45,000 words. Back in those days I wrote very infrequently and had never tried to get anything I'd written published apart from one thing a squillion years ago when I was 18. I'd gotten the idea when I was walking the dog in he morning and then emailed my American friend with a couple of questions to start the research. A few hours later two planes flew into the Twin Towers.
I still have the book (DC) on my computer and in fact looked at it fairly recently. You may remember that I commented that I'd found it and thought that it might not be totally dead in the water. A few years ago Catrin Collier very kindly had a look at it for me and said that she liked the writing but wasn't quite sure what market it would fit into (story of my life) and I took heart from that. It is thanks to that that I set DC aside and started BTL which as some of you may know was recently completed and is currently looking for a home.
Thanks Catrin.


Angel Bluestocking said...

It is funny how these things happen isn't it? Excellent that Catrin should have done that for you.

And I keep my fingers crossed for where you might be with your novel (s) in a further year...

Colette said...

Maybe I should make a note of where I am today and then look at it again in a years time to compare. I think that it would be hard to forget the day that I got that idea because of what happened later that afternoon. And of the thousands of emails that my friend and I have exchanged over the years I still have the one where she replied to the questions I asked her that day sitting in my inbox. I will never delete it.