Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Must be more interesting

When I popped over here just now I was a bit disappointed to see that I've lost a follower. While I don't judge the success of my blog by the number of people that follow it the fact that someone decide to not follow it any more made me ask why. Mabe I need to be more interesting.
Thanks to the rest of you that are hanging in there.


Anonymous said...

I have a completely different theory: this writers' blog circle is getting so big now, that people are having a hard time keeping up. I know I am. Some folks react to this by simply cutting out a chunk of the blogs they visit. I suspect it's not as personal as you might think, but simply a practical solution to an escalating issue.

My own solution is simply to relax and not respond to absolutely everything, as I used to try to do. I still visit most of the forty-odd blogs and sites, but don't have time to get as involved as I used to. I suppose even that will slow down or stop eventually, and that saddens me. We need more hours in the day!

I do find your blog interesting. That's why I'm here :o)

Gonna be a writer said...

Thanks captain, you're probably right. I know that there are blogs that I wish I had the chance to visit more often. Do you think if we made hours shorter eg 30 minutes long so that there were more of them in a day that would help?

Annie Wicking said...

Hi I'm with Cpt Black on this one. As much as I love dropping in on my readers I can't keep up with everyone every day, so I thought I would try once and week but now I want to get lots of writing done on my short story and my novel where do I fit it all in?

I hate chosing who I visit and who I don't.. Oh by the way, thank you for meeting me at Accent Press and then I noticed you've been published by them, Wow!

Best wishes, my dear friend.

Gonna be a writer said...

The first story that I ever had published was in an Accent Press anthology.
As for where you fit it all in I don't know. If anyone finds the answer to that one they should patent the idea, bottle it and make a fortune.

KAREN said...

I know I've lost one or two followers, and I think it's because I just don't have time to comment on their blogs as often as I'd like to.

Yours is great, keep going even if it's only a few lines here and there :o)

Gonna be a writer said...

Thanks Karen and you might be right about the commenting on blogs thing. Just nt enough hours in the day.

Anonymous said...

1) I'm a new follower.
2) I just de-followed another blog today, but instead I subscribed to the RSS feed. You never know.

Gonna be a writer said...

Hello Honla, good to meet you. Never thought about the RSS feed.