Thursday, 26 March 2009

Just a thought

I was thinking today about sites that allow you to publish your work and receive feedback from fellow writers. I don't want to single any of them out by name because I don't belong to any, never have, so don't know the good from the bad. I have heard of instances where some writers have received negative comments that might have been given for personal reasons rather than the write (attempt at interesting play on words) reasons.
I'm curious also as to what benefit it is to anyone for me to say that I like their writing. It doesn't matter if I like it because if they are trying to get their work pulished surely what matters is if an editor likes it.
It was just a thought.


Annie Wicking said...

If you are taking about YWO, I am still with that site even though I haven't posted anything on there for quite awhile. I found most writers were very helpful and listed things I haven't thought about in their reviews of my work. I did find it very helpful reviewing my fellow writers works because it give you an insight into what works and doesn't work when writing a novel.

I see nothing wrong with the site as long as you use it as a tool rather that seeing it as a shortcut to a publishing contract. There is always good and bad reviewers as there are good and bad people in life itself.

On the YWO site you can't choose which work you get to review as it is chosen for you.

There is a rating system which means one you are in the top five your work might be read by a top publisher so I think some reviewers think by giving out low score it will stop other writers from getting to the top. One problem, there is no one will get top

Anyway, do I think a site like it is good idea? Yes, I do.

Would I post my work on there again? Yes,I have 14 credits waiting to be used and I enjoy reading and helping fellow writers by writing honest review.

As you say the real test is whether an editor likes it or not.
though I enjoyed knowing what other people other than my family and friends thought of my work. It was just a small insight which I found helpful.

Swerdnic said...

I've never been on one of those sites either...
but, from doing workshops in Uni,
I think every person's opinion is a way...some talk utter rollocks but some don't and one day the person reading your work could become an agent or publisher. and if they don't they are an example of joe blogs/average reader. if the average reader likes a piece it's encouraging because they are the ones who would or would not buy the book.

I like the interesting play on words

Anonymous said...

Also, there are a lot of scammers out there. Beware!

Gonna be a writer said...

Thats interseting Annie but sad that there are people who would try to keep others down in the hope that they would not make it to the top 5. What are they doing on a site where writers are supposed to help each other?
I'm glad that you liked my play on words Swerdnic. I think that you are right about the average readers opinion being valid but I know exactly what you mena about the rubbish that some people talk.
Captain I will heed the warning. I wonder if it comes from experience.