Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Sorry for my moment of weakness

Sorry you lot for my moment of weakness and self pity which I suffered about half an hour ago. I was sitting on the sofa writing (couldn't stop myself and didn't even try to) when I got over the way that I was feeling when I made my last post. I just had to come back and say sorry. I have been published in loads of places. I can write good stuff. It just happens that the story I sent the magazine wasn't suitable for them for whatever reason. And their reasons are their reasons. Or maybe they just didn't like it. That's allowed to happen. God knows I don't like everything that I read. There are lots more magazines out there.


Captain Black said...

I've never read any of your work but from looking at the list of things you have had published, I'd say you might need to change your name/blog to "I Be A Writer". It's an extremely competitive market out there, from what I've gathered, so writers' rates of publication (hits) don't necessarily reflect the quality of their work.

This is just an idea, but have you considered self-publishing?
Before you jump up, shred my comment and come round to stab me, hear me out...

Don't stop doing exactly what you are doing - it's obviously working despite your low week. Keep submitting your work via the "traditional" routes. What I'm suggesting is that you consider self-publishing the pieces that you think are never going to make it the normal way. Presumably this would happen after some specific time had elapsed and/or a particular number of rejections had been received.

Just a thought.

I hope this week (and the next one, and the next one...) gets better for you.

Kerry said...

Ah, Absolutely no need at all to apologise. I am sure every single visitor to your blog has had the same moment of weakness (I myself squeeze in about 3 a day(!)). The important thing is that you sat down and wrote through it - which is INCREDIBLE and not an easy thing at all. Glad you're feeling cheerier :)

Gonna be a writer said...

Thanks for the support you guys. I didn't want to shred your comment captain. In fact I have been thinking about posting about self publishing and it has spurred me on to do so. However it will have to wait until later because the dog needs a walk.

womagwriter said...

That's better. :-)