Sunday, 30 March 2008

A Topsy week.

My Topsy day has turned into a Topsy week. I found that once I settled on doing just that it was all that I wantedto do. I'm probably going to finish the first edit today.
On a more disappointing notea story that I sent to Take a Break at the beginning of the year was returned yesterday. Oncemore I have failed to impress Norah. Not to worry, I'll have another look at it and send it out again.
There are a couple of competitions that I entered ending tomorrow so I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for them.


Anonymous said...

Well thats good that you keep on trucking. I think that after a while you get so used to rejection it becomes second nature, so I always have the attitude that its coming back...that way if its good news! its even more fantastic!!
Lots of Luck to you. X

Gonna be a writer said...

I nowlook at rejection slips as a missed opportunity for whoever did the rejecting. There loss is someone elses gain.

Cal said...

Sorry to hear about your TaB rejection slip but don't let it get you down. I had about seven or eight before I got my first hit with them.

Can I ask you a favour while I'm here? Could you remove my full name from your link to my blog (and just put 'writing about writing' instead)? It's just your site shows up if I google my full name plus 'blog' and it means people can find my blog. I'd rather it was anonymous!

Sorry to be a pain :o)