Sunday, 16 December 2007

This blog and other stuff

as you may know I have been thinking in the past couple of weeks about my writing and where its going etc. I was also thinking about this blog. I love making entries here because it's like catching up with an old friend. But sometimes it'll be Friday night and I'll realise that I haven't visited here all week. Sometimes it's because I've been too busy doing other stuff but other times it's because I've not had anything to say.
Sunday is a day when generally I have the time to blog and so I have decided that each Sunday I will tell you about my week. I know that it works for some people so I'm going to give it a go.
So let me tell you about my week.
As I mentioned the other day I sold a story this week which is always good. Yesterday I received my contributers copy of TL Fast Fiction (Summer Special) I always feel a bit odd seeing my name in print. Maybe I just haven't gotten used to it yet. Ginny Swart had a couple of stories in there and I also saw one from Sue Houghton so I'm in good company.
I'm still editing my Topsy project but that is therapy more than anything else. It doesn't seem like a real writing project any more.
That's my writing week in a nutshell. Not really a lot but it's been that kind of week.


womagwriter said...

Sounds like a good writing week to me! Any week where you see your name in print is a good one.

And it's a good idea to update the blog on Sundays. I'll look forward to seeing what you've been up to!

CTaylor said...

Hello Gonna! I'm about to sign off blogger for Christmas so just popping by to say Happy Christmas and Merry New Year (hick!). Have a wonderful time! x

Gonna be a writer said...

You're right womag it was a good week. I'm hoping for more of them next year.
Glad to see you're in the spirit Cally.
Merry Christmas both of you. Hope it's all you want it to be.