Sunday, 19 July 2015

Don't worry

Its been a while - well a couple of months anyway. This has been due to there not being much to say. Well no, that's not true actually its due to me having other stuff that just got in the way. Mundane every day stuff that just gets in the way.

Just thought I'd drop in to say that I am still fine. I didn't want anyone worrying that I was ill again. Will not many days in July left I'm hopeful of getting through this one without a spell in hospital;. I saw my nephrologist a month or so ago and he sais that while he can't guarantee that I'll be off dialysis until I get my telegram from the Queen in the short term he doesn't see any problems and that my function has settled at around 25% which is more than enough (his words not mine).

I'll be back sooner next time.

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