Sunday, 25 May 2014

An invitation

As some of you already know it is my theory that this is a conversation between friends and therefore once something has been said it can't be unsaid. By that I mean that whatever I write is what you get, unedited warts and all. However as I write this I'm thinking that I may for the first time break my own rule and delete the whole lot. However if that is the case you'll never read it so will never know so what the hell am I prattling on about.
Basically this is what I am thinking. At last I hear you cry.
This is the thing. Remember my book BTL? I've had some interest from agents and publishers but not enough to take it on. I got very excited when one of them was very excited but alas it was not to be. So my idea is, and trust me I am getting to the point, I am looking for one plucky volunteer to read it for me. An author of many books but who would not like to be identified said it was a "page turner" if that's any encouragement to volunteer. I would just like to know what one regular reader of fiction thinks about it.
If you are game for the challenge please contact me either via this blog or at
I realise that I am asking a lot and my finger keeps hovering over the delete button but no its been said so can't be taken back so I'm going to press publish before I change my mind.


Teresa Ashby said...

I completely agree - I have made so many lovely friends through blogging and it is like having a friendly chat.

I hope you can get someone to read your book. How long is it? Maybe someone would like to do a swap with you - perhaps they have something you could read for them. I'm sure I've heard of writers doing this and it sounds such a good idea x

Anonymous said...

I'll be happy to read it and provide objective feedback, as long as you realise I'm nothing like a professional proof-reader, just a story enthusiast.

Also, I've long been dying to know what BTL stands for.

Colette McCormick said...

Completely agree Teresa.
captain - BTL stands for Beyond the Light.