Sunday, 19 May 2013

Not on the list and another first

Okay so I have been 50 for a month ( and 4 days) and I have something that is not and would never have been on my Fifty50 List? What's that you ask - arthritis I reply.
According to the doctor, who was perfectly lovely at such an ungodly hour on a Sunday morning, the problems with my ankles and knees is down to arthritis and the reason that it has suddenly become much worse it that the cartilage has finally gone and bone is rubbing on bone. Doesn't that sound nice? Anyway he is fairly certain that it isn't a clot because the pain isn't in my calves but just to be on the safe side I'll need to see my GP to organise an x-ray. I'll also need blood tests to check that my kidney and liver function are okay. I know that I won't be in pain all the time and I guess I'll just have to find a way of managing it. As for that "cold" that has been lingering, turns out it is a pharyngeal infection and I have anti-biotics for that.
As for my other first. Well the good doctor that he wants me to spend 4-5 days resting with my legs elevated so I should "self cert" this week. I've never done that before.


Teresa Ashby said...

Oh I do sympathise, Colette. Glad that it's not as bad as you feared (although arthritis is horrible enough) and that you've antibiotics for the throat!

My doctor advised me to take glucosamine and I must say it helps a lot with my knees - I notice if I don't take it. Hope you will be good and keep your feet up :-) x

Colette McCormick said...

My elder sister has mentioned glucosamine to me so I think I'll give that a go.