Sunday, 21 April 2013

Reality calling

My other blog seems to be taking its time inspiring anyone to visit it on a regular basis but at least over here I know for the most part that I'm not talking to myself so here goes.
As I have said many times before I treat this blog as a conversation and when something has been said it can't be unsaid but please ignore that first sentence and the wallowing that it involved.
I have to go back to the real world tomorrow after a wonderful week celebrating my 50th birthday (don't know but I might have mentioned that before) and to be honest I'm not looking forward to it. I have enjoyed a week of complete wonderfulness and to be honest the mundane just isn't so appealing.
The worst part of my day job is wondering what I am going back to after a week off. Hopefully things will have gone according to the plan I left but that's not always the case.
One of the things on that list in the other place is to get the pink pen out more and I did come up with a title last night. Not quite sure what or where I could apply it yet but I'll give it some thought. I don't need to tell any of you how weird it is when something, an idea just pops into your head. I still find it weird though. Where do they come from?
The weather's not so nice today not that that stops Zac from wanting go for a walk so that'll be on the agenda for this morning. In fact here is a picture of the lovely Zac for no other reason than he is lovely.
That particular Frisbee is long gone but he does have a fine collection so maybe we'll take one on our walk. After that I have a family lunch to cook, I mean Sunday is Sunday after all and there has to be a roast. Maybe after that I'll fit in a bubble bath and probably manage to choke down a bottle of wine tonight. Not a bad way to spend the last day away from reality.
Actually by 10 o'clock tomorrow I know I'll be fine but its just the thought of it that makes me squirm.
Sorry for the moan and thanks for listening.


Teresa Ashby said...

Oh isn't Zac beautiful! What a gorgeous glossy brindle coat! Give him a cuddle from me :-)

Getting back to reality is horrible isn't it - I hope things are okay at work and you have a good week x

Anonymous said...

A bubble bath and a glass of wine or two is sure to take your mind off tomorrow. I'm sure work will be fine though by dinner time it'll be like you've never been away. :-)

Colette McCormick said...

Cuddle duly given Teresa. He repaid me with a lick on the fact which I am sending you digitally.
Isn't that the thing about going back to the day job tbtp - you're right, by dinner time holidays are just a distant memory and by the end of the day you're ready for another one.