Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sue and other stuff

I was talking to an acquaintance (let's call her Sue - not her real name) the other day who has found herself in a place and a time in her life when she is free to move away from where she lives and go onto another phase. During this conversation a friend of hers who I don't know came along and the three of us got talking. Sue said that she felt like moving away and starting up a new career in another place which I agreed might be a good idea because there is nothing stopping her and she can always keep in touch with friends and family if she wanted to. Her friend also agreed and said why didn't she become a writer because "look how much money she made out of "Fifty Shades of Grey." Sue said that was funny because an ex boyfriend had said that  and this is a direct quote "because I have a talent. I mean I had to write reports for my job."
So Sue is going to be a writer.
On a different note I have started working on Project MGI. I've changed the MC's voice which makes her less submissive and I'm going for short chapters because I find that really easy to read. So far I've worked on 2 chapters and there is no sign of George but don't worry folks he'll be around any time now.
On another different note. I still haven't heard from the editor about the article I wrote but it is just a month so I'm not worrying too much about that. I'd forgotten about it in fcat until just a minute ago. I haven't finished the other article that I started but I'll be working on that later.
Other than that the weather is doing its usual cartwheels. It is a glorious sunny crisp Winter's day today but for a couple of days last week I thought I might need to start building an ark. It took me just shy of 2 hours and 44 miles to do what is usually an 8 mile 15 minutes journey last Monday. Nightmare! But I made it home safely and at least the water was on the outside of the house. The poor people that have been flooded, many not for the first time this year, have my complete sympathy.
Stay warm and dry everyone.


Olivia Ryan said...

I wish your friend ('Sue') lots of luck, Colette, but hope she doesn't think all writers luck out and earn loads of money like the author of '50 Shades'! She might be in for a serious disappointment, LOL!

Colette McCormick said...

Oh I think she will be sorely disappointed Olivia.