Tuesday, 11 September 2012


We all know what today is the anniversary of. It was a terrible event and one that will never be forgotten by those that lived through it. But it is also the anniversary of something else, something far more personal to me. Well two things actually.
The first thing is that it is my Number 1 son's birthday, so happy birthday to him. He was 18 that day. And that day was also the day that I came up with the idea for my first attempt at a book.
Eleven years ago this very day when I was walking my darling Zoe along "the lines" (as they are known locally) I started thinking about a dear friend and that ignited an idea in my head that became something called DC that still sits in a folder on this computer. It never made it to full fruition and ran out of steam at about 45,000 words but it was only ever written in a first draft so it wasn't developed properly. The lovely Catrin Collier read it and said lovely things about how it was written but also pointed out that she wasn't sure where it would fit into the market. She was right of course and I knew that so I didn't waste any more energy on it. I forget about it most of the time but now and again it comes to mind - usually on this day.
Maybe one of these days I'll open the folder and read it again - just for old times sake.

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