Tuesday, 27 December 2011

This year

My writing (sounds rather grander than it really is) has been a bit hit and missy this year. I started it with a nice little earner (not huge but fairly regular) that supplemented my income very nicely thank you very much and I have to be honest I concentrated on that rather than what I might choose to write. However when the company went belly up in the summer that came to an abrupt end. With that non fiction gig gone I decided to go back to my first love which is fiction. I submitted half a dozen things in October but so far have heard nothing back but wasn't that always the way. I did manage to sell a small non fiction piece at the end of October but that is all since the summer.
So I still have BTL sitting in a metaphoric drawer alongside the non fiction book that I wrote several years ago which needs quite a specialised market that I haven't managed to discover yet. And then there is my Nice project which is currently about 22,000 words long. Oh and there are about a dozen short stories sitting in various folders too.
Hopefully I will do better next year. I may even com eup with some resolutions.


Olivia Ryan said...

Well, you seem to have a lot of projects on the go, Colette even if you didn't sell so much in the past year. So in 2012 hopefully you can get some of them finished off and sent out somewhere - and hopefully some of the submissions you sent out in October will come good! Hope is the thing we need in bucketloads, so I'm sending some your way. x (PS, and I HOPE this comment will actually get posted ...!)

Patsy said...

'A bit hit and missy' describes my writing too! I'll join you in trying to do better.

Diane Fordham said...

Wishing you a productive and successful 2012 Colette - actually, may it be that way for all of us ;-)

Colette McCormick said...

HOPE has won through Olivia - its a good sign I know it. I probably sound like I have moreon the go than I really do. My Nice project is the only one that I am working on at the moment - the rest are just gathering dust. 2012 may be the year that they find more celubrious himes.
Patsy - we can be "hit and missy" pals.
Dianne - Amen to that.