Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The question to the answer

Please don't be annoyed by how uninteresting the question was but the question was:- What (if any) major project should I concentrate on. Should it be
1. DC
2. BTL
5. GU
All of them are a WIP in some form or other and I didn't know which direction to take.
DC is complete in its current form but only 45,000words long and several years ago an author who has been really helpful to me suggested that as it stood it wouldn't easily fit into a genre. I totally agreed with her and decided to give it up to concentrate on BTL. I have however recently thought of returning to it and developing it.
BTL is complete at 67,000 words and although several agents have been interested one of the very interested no-one has taken it up. So I have to ask myself that despite the fact that I love it do I give up on it and try something else. That will of course depend on which number got the most votes.
NMBK is about 20,000 words or so but not finished. I left it alone while I tried to get agents interested in BTL.
NRIMH is also about 20,000 words and not finished. There is however a lot of scope for development with this one.
GU was simply "give up." That is to say give up the idea that I will ever write a book that will interest anyone enough to want to publish it.
When I asked the question I was perfectly prepared to go with the majority decision even if it was number 5.
So I asked some other people including my best friend what number to pick and I can now say that the option that got the most votes was number 3 so NMBK is the winner (lucky thing)
Thanks for all your input


Bernadette said...

Thank goodness I was out-voted!

Can I change my vote to 'anything but 5'?

Frances Garrood said...

This may come too late, as you have made a decision, but my agent always says "write what makes your heart sing", and although this sounds flowery, I think it's true. You have to LOVE what you're writing, genre or no, because that will give it its best chance.

Good luck!

Olivia Ryan said...

That was daring of you, Colette - I don't think I could have gone with 'GU' no matter how many people voted for it! You mustn't GU! Good luck with your No.3. Hope it's lucky for you - it's my lucky number.

Colette McCormick said...

Consider it changed Bernadette - but number 5 came second. Phew!
It does sound a bit flowery Frances but it also sounds like its true. I love BTL and I do believe that others would too - if only I could get an agent interested. That, however is obviously easier said than done. they all say that the writing is good and the idea is "interesting" but nobody is willing to take it and me on.

Olivia, I wouldn't be happy to give up. I think when I wrote the original post I was in a place where I was thinking that giving up was maybe the only thing to do. If number 5 had won I would not have been happy but... well thank goodness that it didn't come to that.