Sunday, 10 January 2010

Passing on the award

Jarmara Falconer has been kind enough to give me this award. Cheers Jarmara.
And in keeping with the spirit of the award I must pass it on in recognition of some of the wonderful places I visit in blogland. So in no particular order (as the wonderful Mr O'Leary would say) the award goes to:

Sue who has a blog I have only recently discovered but like a lot.

Karen who is soon to be best selling author.

Olivia who already is a best selling author.

Suzanne who is a kindred spirit.

Lily because she makes me smile.

Womag because her blog is just jam packed with good advice.

Amanda who has worked so hard on Woamg2Weekly and has a great blog too.

Helen who talks a lot of sense.

Debs because her shed is fab.

and last but by no means least,

Christina because she has been so helpful.

The way I understand it you guys now give this award to places that you like to visit.


HelenMHunt said...

Thank you most kindly.

Colette McCormick said...

You are most welcome Helen. Charity workers of the world unite!

Olivia Ryan said...

Ah, thanks Colette. Congrats on receiving the award yourself - well deserved. xx And thanks for referring to me as best-selling! Oh, I wish, I wish, I wish!!! xxxx

Colette McCormick said...

Its just a matter of time Olivia.

Amanda said...

Awh thank you Colette x

Colette McCormick said...

No problem Amanda.

Suzanne Jones said...

Thanks, Colette. XX

LilyS said...

Congrats on the award and thank you for awarding it to me - that has made my week :)

Colette McCormick said...

No problem Suzanne and Lily it was my pleasure.