Sunday, 18 October 2009

Progress report

I did indeed walk the dog once it got light and I have to say that was a very pleasant experience. It was just getting light, there was a gentle frost and mist in the valley - very atmospheric. And luckily for me I caught sight of the boxer from up the road before my dog did because he has an eye for the ladies and she is a particularly pretty girl and a bit of a flirt. If they'd managed to get together I'm fairly certain it would have had an embarrassing end for all of us. But I got him on the lead before he saw her so the worst that happened was that I had to drag him home.
Once home and with a cup of tea in hand I set about working on the story that I told you about earlier. I have to be honest and say that it was quite difficult to get started because I thought should I have a look to see if anyone else has blogged, should I check my email etc etc. It's Sunday morning for goodness sake and I'm not going to get any emails that can't wait so I forced myself to get on with it.
I am happy to report that I have had a very productive couple of hours and that all of the words for the story are now down on paper courtesy of the pink pen (not my real pink pen which ran out of ink before my holiday and the shop had to order a refill but the back up.) All that remains is to type those words up either later today or tomorrow, then leave it for a few days before applying a bit of spit and polish and then submitting hopefully by the end of the week but certainly no later than the end of the week after.
Sadly the pink pen has to go back in it's box now as I've got a pile of ironing higher than Kilimanjaro.


Jarmara Falconer said...

Glad to know everything is going well in your writing cave.

Mine, well early stages of writer's block... will tell more on my blog.

Colette said...

Life in the writing cave is pretty good at the moment. Obviously there are things that I would like to be going better but at the end of the day its not life or death.
I'm heading over to your blog now to find out what this is about writers block.

Lily Sheehan said...

Glad to hear the lack of pink pen hasnt slowed your writing down. I have an idea for a shortie but havent got round to putting it to paper yet. I have been blog commenting all day.
I havent ironed in 2 years (slight lie as I ironed something for my dad back in june and burnt my wrist - hence why i dont do ironing!)

HelenMHunt said...

You have had a productive time. Brilliant.

Colette said...

I didn't iron yesterday afterall - I got the hoover out instead. And not only did I get it out I switched it on and pushed it round the living room. It scared the dog a bit - he's not seen it much in the year and a bit we've had him. Hope your burn wasn't too bad Lily. I once burned myself on an iron and had a scar for years.
I do feel like I've had a productive time Helen. And what's more I actually like the story I've written and that's not always the case.

Karen said...

Just realised I hadn't changed your link on my blog list, so thought you hadn't posted anything for a month - d'oh!

Glad the writing's going well anyway, and don't waste too much time ironing :o)

Colette said...

Hiya Karen, I don't understand that because on some blogs the link changed automatically (apparently.) I really don't understand technology but then there are so many things that I don't understand - more than I do.
You should never waste too much time ironing. Stick to what you absoloutly have to do - unless you're my mother of course because ironing is her hobby. You'd think she'd now better at her age.