Sunday, 24 August 2008


How distracting is the internet????
I came back from taking the little fella for a walk almost an hour ago and decided to check my emails with a coffee before getting down to some writing in the spare time that I have this morning. Yet here I am, still logged on. It's Sunday morning for goodness sake. Who did I think was going to have emailed me since I checked them late yetsreday afternoon? My good friend Tuesday Moon might have as she lives in a different time zone but no-one else. Well nothing that I would want to read anyway.
Then once you're actually on the internet you might as well do a bit of surfing.
But can anyone explain to me why time seems to go faster when you're living in the virtual world of the internet? Why is it that what felt like 10 minutes was actually nearer 40?
I think that's a question for Captain Black. It's probably something to do with the vibes given off by computers.
However with that said I am going to spend the next hour and 40 minutes writing. I am turning the computer off now. Well I might just look at one more website first.


Anonymous said...

The answer is actually very simple: Time flies when you're having fun! Blogging, surfing the web, e-mails and other cyber activities are fun, and so time seems to accelerate.

Now, stop reading this nonsense, and go and do something horrible. Like writing. Hang on, no, that's fun too...

Gonna be a writer said...

i knew you'd know the answer.

Annie Bright said...

I find the internet so distracting. I go on the PC to write - and by the time I've answered my emails and blogged for a bit the time has zipped away.
I had to deactivate my Facebook for that very reason!