Sunday, 13 July 2008

Clutching at straws

I know this might give you a laugh but hey so what I'm among friends. I've just been analysing my "sent" list and discovered that I've got about half a dozen stories that have been out there a while. The longest is 7 months and then there is a 6 months but both of those are to magazines that have taken that long before when they've said yes so that's okay. However I have two stories with an editor that I dearly want to impress (okay three but ones only been there a month.) In the past when said editor has rejected a story they have had it for an average of 2.7 months. The two stories that they have at the moment have been with them for 3.5 and 3 months resepctively. I mention this to you but I won't dwell on it mainly because I have a memory like a seive and by the time I've had a coffee and read a chapter of my book I'll have forgotten about it but also by the fact that they once had a story for 3.5 months and then rejected it. I guess I'll have to wait and see.


Annie Bright said...

Hi Gonna Be
Just found your blog via Womag's blog. I'm new to blogging, and thought I'd say Hi.

You sound like me, keeping track of how long things have been 'out there' I find I'm always analysing what's happening to my pieces. :-)

I like My Weekly, because they normally reject very quickly if they really aren't interested ... so you are not left hanging. :-)

I haven't yet had a hit ... but keep trying. I see you have had a few. Lucky You.

Gonna be a writer said...

Hi Annie, glad to meet you.
You're right about lucky me. A lot of this game is about luck and sending the right piece to the riht editor at the right time. I've just received a couple of rejections that I need to record. Boo!!!