Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Magazine experiments and other stuff

So in the last 10 days or so since I last checked in I've added about 3,000 words to NRIMH although 1,000 of those were written this morning. I have to say that I am very happy with that because I don't thnk I have ever had such a productive morning in terms of written words. However I have decided to give the magazine experiment that I have seen a few people do before a try. You know the one, it's where you target a magazine every week or every fortnight and try to get something published in it. Hopefully it will focus my mind. The magazin de jour as it were is Take a Break and given that I have never had a sniff of an acceptance from Norah I think I'd better try the letter page.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Getting to know them again.

I've spent the last hour reading through the 19k words that I already have down on NRIMH, reacquainting myself with all of the subsiduary characters and who is connected to whom. I discovered that I'm rooting for S, that I actually feel sorry for J and that H's son started of being called James but became Peter a bit later. I settled on James. Let the new words roll.

Coping with the disappointment

So I heard back about three of the short stories I'd submitted. That would be "no, no and no again." Luckily for me they were all in the same email so at least I didn't have to read three seperate ones and when you're looking for silver linings in clouds then that's the best that I can do. Also I'd submitted BTL to an agent and they decided this week that they weren't in love with that either. Luckily for me I have a part of my brain that I can stick all the things that I don't want to dwell on in and I close the door and forget about them. This is an actual fact, well its not an actual room with a door obviously, but I am able to forget about things that I don't want to remember and this allows me to get over disappointment very quickly. I think it may be the silver lining attached to the cloud that was a road accident, partial paralysis and a stroke when I was 6 years old. Oh and please don't feel sorry for me because I don't remember any of that at all - seriously can't recall it. However getting back to my disappointing week, that's all the bad news. The good news (putting positive head on) is that I still have the Nice project, a couple (might be one) of short stories and a non fiction piece out there. Also I am very excited about my next big project "NRIMH." Some of you may remember those letters as it is a project that I started a couple of years ago but for reasons that I won't go into I decided that it would be best to stop. Well the time seems right now to carry on so that's what I am going to do.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Waiting game

Still no news about any of the things that I have out there. Don't you just hate the waiting? I do but what can you do - it's all part of the game. I'm at a bit of a loose end on the big project front. My "Nice" project is finished and out there so what do I do next? Well there are a couple of large bits in the WIP folder but I'm not sure which of those grabs me so to speak so maybe I'll have to come up with a new one. NO NO NO!!! For God's sake stop procrastinating woman and get on with it. They are all perfectly decent ideas that just need developing which they won't do on their own. Okay,that's the personal pep talk, rant, call it what you will over. I also have a short story that I have just finished which needs polishing and sending off and then I guess the waiting game will begin with that one too. This is an extra day off work for me and I have been forbidden from ironing, window cleaning etc so maybe its time to get my head down and do something creative.